Highly recommended books from my design library:

Innovating for People
By LUMA Institute

"My goto book for planning workshops."

Rapid Viz
By Hanks & Belliston

"Since high school, this has been a source of rapid concept sketch inspiration."

Make A World
By Ed Emberley

"Since 1st Grade Ed has shown me that anything can be drawn with a few basic shapes."

The Sketchnote Handbook
By Mike Rohde

"I've become a rabid visual note taker, and this book condenses a serious quantity of thoughtfulness into a small package."

The Definitive Guide to Facilitating Remote Workshops
By Mark Tippin & Jim Kalbach

The Doodle Revolution
By Sunni Brown

“Don’t let the title fool you, this is a call to arms, to awaken your inner doodle!”

Org Design for Design Orgs
By Peter Merholz & Kristin Skinner

"For anyone trying to evolve their organization - this is the book."

Mapping Experiences
By Jim Kalbach

"Insights for understanding that an experience is more than a single moment in time."

Understanding Comics
By Scott McCloud

"The sum total of human perception in comic form."

Visual Thinking

By Willemien Brand

“Empowering people & organizations through visual collaboration.”